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"The crisis in pensions - what does it mean to the asset management industry?" presentation at the J P Morgan pensions conference, Stationer's Hall, London, 9/12/03

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Short term issues

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[original paper, presented at NIESR conference "Macroeconomics and the Policy Process", 14/5/03

Davis E P (2003), "Is there a pensions crisis in the UK?", Working Paper, Pensions Institute [slides]

Long term issues

Davis E P and Li C (2003), "Demographics and asset prices in the major industrial economies", Brunel University Working Paper, latest version, 29 June 2003

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Corporate governance

Davis E P (2002), "Institutional investors, corporate governance, and the performance of the corporate sector", Working Paper, The Pensions Institute, Birkbeck College, London and Economic Systems, 26, 203-229