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This page features links to financial stability resources on the web, for use by students and policymakers wishing to learn more about issues in financial stability and macroprudential surveillance.


Financial stability reports and general sites

Bank of England (Financial Stability Review) 

International Monetary Fund (Global Financial Stability Report)

Sveriges Riksbank (Swedish Central Bank) (Financial Stability Report) 

Norges Bank (Norwegian Central Bank) (Financial Stability Report)

Oesterreichiches Nationalbank (Austrian National Bank) (Financial Stability Report)

Financial Stability Forum


Papers and reports

Basle Committee on Banking Supervision (1999), “Banks’ interactions with highly leveraged institutions (The Brockmeijer Report)”, BIS, Basle

Bernard H and Bisignano J (2000), "Information, liquidity and risk in the international interbank market: implicit guarantees and private credit market failure", BIS Working Paper No 86

Davis E P (1993), "Bank credit risk", Bank of England Working Paper No 3

[Link to other papers of mine on these matters]

Demirguc-Kunt A and Detragiache E (1998), “The determinants of banking crises in developing and developed countries”, IMF Staff Papers, 45, 81-109

Demirguc-Kunt A and Detragiache E (1998), “Financial liberalisation and financial fragility”, IMF Working Paper No WP/98/83

European Central Bank (2000a), “EMU and banking supervision”, ECB Monthly Bulletin, April 2000, 49-64

European Central Bank (2000b), “Asset prices and banking stability”, ECB, Frankfurt

Hardy D C and Pazarbasioglu C (1999), “Determinants and leading indicators of banking crises", IMF Staff Papers, 46/3

IMF (1998), “World Economic Outlook and International Capital Markets, Interim Assessment December 1998 – Financial Turbulence and the World Economy”, IMF, Washington D.C.

IMF (2000), "Macroprudential indicators of financial sector soundness", Occasional Paper No 192, IMF, Washington DC

Kaminsky L G and Reinhart C M (1996), “The twin crises; the causes of banking and balance-of-payments problems”, International Finance Discussion Paper No. 544, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve.

McDonough W J (1998), “Statement to the House of Representatives Committee on Banking and Financial Services, October 1 1998”, Federal Reserve Bank of New York.