Pension Funds



Retirement-Income Security and Capital Markets, An International Perspective





Coping with the ageing of the population without major economic disruption is undoubtedly the major challenge facing the global economy, world financial markets and public finances, both now and in coming decades. In this context, Pension Funds assesses the majpr economic issues raised by occupational pension funds as an approach to retirement income provision as they have arisen in 12 OECD countries; the US, the UK, Germany, Japan, France, Italy, Canada, Australia, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland and the Netherlands, as well as in Chile and Singapore. Particular emphasis is placed on the performance of funds in financial markets, the influence on funds of fiscal and regulatory conditions, and the consequences of funds for capital markets, corporate finance and international investment. The complementary relationship with social security, the comparative advantages of defined benefit and defined contribution funds and the role of funds in developing countries are all examined in detail.

The book is essential reading for students and specialists in finance, financial markets and institutions, public policy, macroeconomics and economic development; to practitioners in the field of pension funds, corporate finance and institutional investments; and to regulators and policy makers active in maintenance and reform of pension provision in OECD countries, developing countries, and transition economies.


"A first class book of global importance" - Helmut Reisen, Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv

"A decent and wide ranging reference book that points out the connections between economic theory and the practices and empirics of pension management and policy" - Mike Orszag, Economica

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