Central Banking course on financial stability

Cumberland Lodge, Windsor Great Park

2005 course

2006 course


The Course 2005_0421_122410AA.JPG (336152 bytes)

The end of four day's study

2005_0420_203603AA.JPG (317745 bytes)

A well earned meal

2005_0420_210632AA.JPG (172667 bytes)

Some of the delegates

2005_0420_211158AA.JPG (314566 bytes)

The Queen's bar

2005_0420_215353AA.JPG (337585 bytes)

A hard game

The house 2005_0421_104118AA.JPG (327145 bytes)

Reception room

2005_0421_130035AA.JPG (331273 bytes)

George III made it Gothic during his period of "madness"

2005_0421_125958AA.JPG (328882 bytes) 2005_0421_083720AA.JPG (330871 bytes)

The chapel

2005_0420_070847AA.JPG (224532 bytes)

Reading room

2005_0420_070907AA.JPG (316109 bytes)

Ornate corridors

2005_0421_081139AA.JPG (313738 bytes)

Breakfast room where the plot to make Edward VIII abdicate was drawn up

2005_0420_072134AA.JPG (314460 bytes)

The Mews

2005_0420_144909AA.JPG (325023 bytes)

Mews interior

2005_0420_071820AA.JPG (314834 bytes)

Frontage - owner's car?

2005_0421_125848AA.JPG (324867 bytes)

The reading room

The Grounds 2005_0420_071840AA.JPG (327314 bytes)

Misty cycles

\2005_0421_074039AA.JPG (333547 bytes)

The road goes ever on

2005_0421_080053AA.JPG (327590 bytes)


2005_0421_130901AA.JPG (318647 bytes)

Spot the Queen's pheasant

2005_0421_130923AA.JPG (344983 bytes)

No swimming

2005_0421_132010AA.JPG (301717 bytes)

Runway to Windsor Castle

2005_0421_131933AA.JPG (324678 bytes)


2005_0421_132214AA.JPG (333674 bytes)

King George and the airliner



The 2006 course

The course group 2006_0406_093619AA.JPG (319943 bytes) 2006_0406_093630AA.JPG (325322 bytes)
The bar 2006_0405_205742AA.JPG (310428 bytes) 2006_0406_075039AA.JPG (337570 bytes)
The accommodation 2006_0405_142504AA.JPG (327953 bytes) 2006_0405_142215AA.JPG (328778 bytes)
2006_0405_140701AA.JPG (337934 bytes) 2006_0405_140818AA.JPG (348291 bytes) 2006_0405_135836AA.JPG (325092 bytes)
2006_0405_135851AA.JPG (311768 bytes) Not the Queen's bedroom! 2006_0405_140037AA.JPG (329053 bytes)